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Deliver and monetize live online classes and workshops
Host live or recorded
classes, anywhere
  • Training and coaching
    Host online training and coaching to engage with students face-to-face
    Be a thought leader and engage with your students face-to-face. Share your expertise with anyone in the world.
  • Professional development
    Host online continuing education for professional development, available on desktop, tablet, and mobile
    Deliver high-quality content for continuing education, with the convenience of online and mobile access.
  • Content management
    Store unlimited classes and workshops for on-demand playback on desktop and mobile
    Not all classes need to happen live. Store all your sessions for desktop and mobile playback.
Call on anyone to participate, no matter the class size
With one click, your entire class can participate in real-time. BigMarker empowers you to lecture halfway around the world, yet still be in the same room.
Sell tickets or collect donations for premium content
Name your webinar price and sell tickets to monetize your classes and workshops
Easily host, record, and name your price to attend your classes or workshops. BigMarker has monetization built-in, so you can focus on delivering great content rather than fumbling with technology.
1871 Chicago uses BigMarker to share workshops and webinars with global companies and partners
“BigMarker has allowed us to make our workshops even more valuable by giving us the ability to share them with our companies and partners around the world.”
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